Matchpoint TTC runs several training camps each calendar year. Our 10-week Summer Camp runs from June to the end of August. We also conduct camps during the extended school winter and spring breaks, long weekends, and public holidays. Additional information here.

2022 Spring Break Camp and Summer Camp now are open to register! new

2022 Spring-break Camp register here~

Matchpoint will host Spring Break Camp from 4/18/2022 to 4/22/2022 and Summer Camp from 6/27/2022 to 8/31/2022. Open registration now start! Please email us for more information.

In order to offer a safe and hygienic space and provide our kids the opportunity to improve their table tennis skills, Matchpoint made some new changes for this year’s summer camp trainings, which includes:

  1. This year, we will continue following the safe and hygiene guidance under the CDC and state requirements. Daily health screening will be still put in place at entry for students and staff.
  2. To promote social distancing, we will ensure only two players each table . Also, tables will be disinfected after each training session, and the balls will be collected to be disinfected later.
  3. FDA certified virus-killing ultra-violet light filters has been installed in to our Center’s exclusive used HVAC system, which is capable of killing small particle such as viruses.

There are three new highlights for Matchpoint Camp trainings.

  1. Physical Training

We are excited to announce that one physical trainer will join us this year. He will help us improve our players’ physical fitness as well as enhancing their table tennis skills.

  1. Competition training

Due to the impact of Covid 19, our students are lack of the competition experience during the past year. We will pay more attention on players’ game ability and also cultivate their teamwork spirit.

  1. Video Analysis

Coaches and players will watch selected high-level games and make tactical analysis together during break time. In that way, our players can get a better understanding about different skills from actual competition.

Thanks for your continuous supports and we are looking forward to meeting our students in Matchpoint soon!