Friday Night League (Whippany Center Only):

Registration will be available online by email or by phone. Maximum 24 players per league day.
Entries will be taken on a first come, first serve basis.

Online Registration — Steps to register and secure your spots online.

For MPTTC Members,
*Login to your Gymmaster APP or
*Go to “make a reservation” then choose “Friday League” and click “Book now”.

  • Receive confirmation by email, and league fees will be charged later by system (Credit card information needed).

For Non-Members,
*Go to

  • Choose – “Not a Member? Make a Booking” and enter your information
  • Booking Type – “Make a reservation” and “Submit”.
  • Friday League – Select the Date then enter payment information and receive confirmation.

Or you could register by email or by phone

By email:

By phone: 732-766-5781

The Friday League is a USATT Singles League for players of all skill levels. Players are placed into round robin groups (different divisions). Sign-up closes at 7:00PM and play starts at 8:00PM on Fridays.

League Night Fees: 

Non-Members: $20/nignt
Members: $8/night