Friday Night League:

We are glad to announce that USATT sanctioned league play will resume in Jun 25th 8PM. Registration will be available online and by email or by phone. Maximum 24 players per league day.
Entries will be taken on a first come, first serve basis.

Online Registration — Steps to register and secure your spots online.

For MPTTC Members,
*Login to your Gymmaster APP or
*Go to “make a reservation” then choose “Friday League” and click “Book now”.

  • Receive confirmation by email, and league fees will be charged later by system (Credit card information needed).

For Non-Members,
*Go to

  • Choose – “Not a Member? Make a Booking” and enter your information
  • Booking Type – “Make a reservation” and “Submit”.
  • Friday League – Select the Date then enter payment information and receive confirmation.

Or you could register by email or by phone

By email:

By phone: 732-766-5781

The Friday League is a USATT Singles League for players of all skill levels. Players are placed into round robin groups (different divisions). Sign-up closes at 7:00PM and play starts at 8:00PM on Fridays.

League Night Fees: 

Non-Members: $20/nignt
Members: $8/night