Our facility is open all days of the week and these programs run throughout the year

Private Coaching

Matchpoint’s coaches conduct individual training sessions to improve performance for players of any level. For information about our coaches and the times available for individual lessons, please contact us by email.

Group Training

Adults Group Lesson ( Saturday 2pm-4pm)
Junior Intermediate Group Lesson

Our coaches run group training classes for beginner and intermediate kids and beginning and developing adult players.  Participants will learn basic strokes and footwork, and serve and receive skills. Group training is also available for high level players focusing on honing their skills and match play strategy and tactics.

After school program

From 9th Jan. to 19th Jun. 2023, Matchpoint runs two-day training sessions from 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm every Monday and Wednesday during regular school weeks.  Coaches hold practice sessions with the group. Please contact us for more information.